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Geometry setup needed, N West/Wales

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I need to try and dial out some understeer from my car. I'm looking for recommendations for specialist tuners in the North West area who are used to setting up Subarus. Can anyone suggest any? Scoobyclinic would seem to be a half decent place to start but I can't find any recent recommendations on them.

Demon Tweeks are pretty good with my Peugeot but I need someone who is used to Subaru adjustments.

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Could always look up what kind of geo other owners have used on hunter setups and ask for them to be applied if it suits your style of driving,

I got a setup from Tony at wheels in motion for my mx5 that a company in Huddersfield applied on their hunter.

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I'm going to get some rear camber bolts and probably go for this set up as it's supposed to lesson under steer but not scrub the tyres out as much as the classic prodrive set up [emoji6]


Haven't got any personal experiences with different geo set ups but the above was recommended to me for fast road applications

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As long as they have a digital alignment setup and height measuring equipment you won't have a problem. Unless you are giving it some round a track all the time so manufacturer specifications should be fine

It's track work that's shown up the weakness, so I want to try a different setup.

Booked in with CPP (Sandbach). I remembered them from my Evo days so I'm going there on Tuesday.

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