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subaru impreza gx exhaust


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What are you after, more sound or better performance ?

You won't get the boxer burble as yours will have even length headers so unless you change them your stuck with the sound you have, you can change from the cat back for a stainelss system will make it a bit louder

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Forgot to say back box and middle pipe of a turbo will fit your car but if its a 3" pipe you will need a step up joint making as if I remember rite the gx is on 2", had 1 made for my classic 2.0sport I had that I put a turbo exhaust on, exhaust uk did that as well and prices are not bad.

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Shepton Mallet is Somerset so a bit of a hike to Yorks - but could be a great drive some nice roads in between :P


here are some options from Scooby World, I have spoken to them before, very helpfull




Powerflow in Yeovil...

40 Buckland Road
Pen Mill Trading Estate
United Kingdom
BA21 5HA

TEL: 01935 608093

Email: yeovil@powerflowexhausts.co.uk

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I was £300 from the cat-back at a custom stainless exhaust builder. Asked for a deep tone and not a boy racer loud sound. Sounds awesome and does have the burble. Not a turbo burble clearly but a distinctive boxer burble.

You can get a pair of headers on eBay for 250 but it's thinner stainless and with stainless being a harder metal is more prone to cracking than steel. I have however had stainless headers on a previous car and had no issues.

I'm not really sure how much point there is getting stainless headers though, as the gx is tuned to about as max as it'll go. Full stainless, filter and a remap will be lucky to give you about 5BHP. That verses the cost... sell your gx, get what your willing to spend on it and get a turbo.

I'm happy with my gx, has sti alloys and a nice exhaust but I too need to be realistic on what to spend on it.

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@Vmf don't bother the n/a is pushing out just about all it can give, you'd be looking at 350-500 for a map which wouldn't really make the gains worthwhile, I'd spend the money on making it stop better and go round corners quicker

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