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Need help deciding what to do?

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Seeing as a couple of people have asked now and I have access to photoshop, I have started this thread for people to ask for help. I'm not very good but hopefully it gives you an idea :).


So if you are looking for ideas on what changes to your car will look like, such as;


Wheel colour

Caliper colour

Removing parts of your car


I can do other things but I can't promise they will look good ;).


Anyway, feel free to ask and I (or someone else) will try to help.

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Depending on what you want doing just a clear view of the area :). If.. lets say the wheels... then a side on shot is best.



I've been bored over dinner so... Ghost, I know you wanted Cusco graphics on your car, here you go ;).



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Awesome,i am contemplating what colour to have my standard rims done,either a gun metal or anthracite as i think black will be too stealthy


Old pic and only one i have close to a side shot but  has wheels in



Would appreciate it to see what gun metal etc would look like before i end up spending £240 on the wrong colour :)

Also a carbon fibre sti type spoiler for rear



Be awesome to see if colours look ok or not

Cheers ven

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