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Doing a self service

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I have this thing that I like to know my car is running well and I've done it on all my cars, I like to service my car in between garage servicing (for piece of mind) I just need to know the spefics of what I need for the Scooby for example

What oil to use (I've got an impreza sti with 350ish who)?

How much I will need to do a full engine flush? What oil is best for the diffs?


Could anyone help me out please?

Thanks, Mike

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i use millers 10 50 in mine , more expensive but ive learnt the hard way in the past in usuing cheap oils, i use a high grade cause mine are forged and run a little hotter due to the compression, with yours i would say 10 40 - or 10 50 speak to Opie Oils as the do a discount for the forum :) diffs ive left well alone and my mech does that lol

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