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Correct classic tyre size

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I have a set of 16 turbo 2000 wheels wig currently have 205/50/16 tyres, is this the correct size as I have also seen some wheels advertised with 205/55/16 which so seem more readily available .



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Have a look in the door jamb there should be a sticker just below the metal catch that tells you which size tyres you can use, you may be able to go to a 215 section tyre. Mine says 205 or 215 and 15 or 16" rims Not entirely sure though about the impreza

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The car came with 15's so all the info is about 15's unfortunately .... So I just need someone who had 16's as standard on an impreza to tell me what there door sticker says

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My old Impreza turbo (the one in my profile pic) had 205/50/16 tyres. These were definitely the standard size on the 1999 model. My father had a 1997 model and that had 15 inch wheels as standard.

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