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Hi am planning a bit more power this year on my wrx bug eye already got green panel filter and a cat back exhaust was going to fit a de cat up pipe and sports cat and get a remap by team carr (has anyone used him on here )i see on other forums loads of good things about him..with these mods i was hoping to see about 280 bhp my only worry is will this stretch the td04 is it better to put a v 34 or td05 on which wont be as strained..but then would you need bigger injectors and sti intercooler..i just want a safe amount of power without breaking engine or turbo.do you usually do a compression check etc before a remap to check health of engine or am i panicking to much...car has 105,000 with full history no Knocks or bangs i think 280 is enough as a daily driver been told it will be a lot nicer to drive after mods and remap,,,also has warlboro fuel pump fitted.....

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I had mine remapped by Andy Carr (teamCarr) earlier in the month.

made 287/352 with full decat on td04 transforms the car so much better to drive. I think that 290 is the top end of a td04 anything higher then you need a bigger turbo.

I am happy with mine, but you do get used to the extra power pretty quick. I can see why people end up wanting more and more :)

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