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Classic 95-97 brake calipers

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Well not sure I've got solid ones on at the mo but when I look.up parts it also brings up vented,

I've not slid the caliper up yet but if the same as the leggy it's a pair of pistons on a mono block ? Does that sound right ?

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Also been told the newage 4pots with the 'subaru stickers' on will clear my rims by a couple of mm. But not found anyone with these to take a measurement from,

There is however a newage wagon that's been rolled sat in a lock up near me but I've not found out who the owner is

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Sorry i Haven't got any pics of the front 2 pots stants

You could give alyn at as performance a bell or bob at aztech performance ,either of those would know [emoji6]

As for 4 pots and needing a bit more clearance I run a 6 mm generic spacers with my 17" speedlines they only cost about £20 [emoji48]

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Has anyone got a pic of a classic caliper ? Want to reference them against mine,


Been told they are slightly different to wrx units and they are the same as the legacy of the same year

Wrx calipers and Foresters are the same.My Forester calipers are the same as yours
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