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New member and owner in Cornwall

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Just bought my first Subaru (2003 Impreza 2.0 GX Wagon) - roof rack and tray removed as soon as I got it home...




Purchased by pure chance, having had my previous car written off, and urgently in need of a new car. I didn't have the Subaru in mind, so went for a non-turbo, but already enjoying the ride regardless - more fun than my last car (BMW 320i) despite less BHP.


Paid £895, 140k, full service history including recent cambelt change and 11 months MOT, but does need a few bits doing - track rods/track rod ends (MOT advisory), new tyres (at least one as MOT advisory), new brake pads (discs okay), alloy refurbishment, rear light cluster (lens cracked on driver side) and general tidy up of paintwork/interior.


Already have a few questions but I'll post those in the right areas soon, just wanted to say hello from SW Cornwall  :)

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Don't sound bad for 895quid :-)

trackrod ends are like £10 each & brake pads not expensive. picking up a rear light lens from salvage should be easy if hunt around a bit for good one & good price.

Tyres not super cheap but if all a bit ropy you best getting a full set really.

140k not a lot if it been looked after so should be nice & reliable.

Expect to see a least one 'I Love Cornwall' sticker in any future pics :-)

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Thanks Mr B and Jay762.


Yeah, not a bad price, but parts and materials to bring it up to peak condition will add a few pounds. Has at least one service stamp for each year since registration, receipts, etc so confident it's been looked after from a mechanical point-of-view. It's cosmetic work that will be the biggest job, possibly replacing front bumper and at least one door as well.


Unfortunately, there won't be any Cornwall stickers appearing any time soon... Born and bred Londoner  :P

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