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Clay Bar or Clay Cloth?


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I think with the claycloth you can make a good job quick with it but if you want to spend more time with it you can to get the perfect look. I find it very hard to fault. and perfect for my big old clumsy hands :D 

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Also a vote for cloth,

used a bar: took ages.

Used a cloth just in soapy water (after I had cleaned normally): quick, looked great :)


Also used on my partners Astra, it went from gray to a deeper black than my car! 

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After winning 'Car of the Show' at Curborough the other Sunday I thought I'd try my won products out on the wife's car :norty:


a nice selection of stuff to use smile.png





car was filthy, can't remember when I last washed it, let alone clay bar or waxed it.



So here goes.

The usual pre wash with cherry snow foam, hand wash and re rinse with weaker snow foam mix was done as normal.



on the alloys I swear by AW's Billburry cleaner.. this is the 5l concentration container, I have a solution mixed up to spray on the alloys, allow to soak in..rinse and wash off (use a brush/sponge to get the kak off.





next up, pre wash over the car with snow foam and then use the clay mitt (from the clay cloth company) 1st pre soak the mitt in warm water. read the instructions. being the mitt it was easy to go over all the car in about 20mins. you could tell the paint work needed it. - (better than a clay bar? I'd so not much in it other than the clay cloths/mitts are so much easier to work with)



then I washed it all down and used the silicone squeegee then the lovely blue soft towel to dry the car off. smile.png



then when dry, run your hand over the paint work after its been clay mitted... so silky (but paint work was dry as no wax on it.




next the engine bay

I spray over with traffic film remover (bought from machine mart - 5l of concentrate liquid is about £12 - then dilute and use a plant sprayer)

agitate it with a detailing brush, a very quick wash with snow foam and rinse off.. very quickly over the engine bay. Allow to fully dry then I sprayed over with the Silicone wax spray I won. Impressive results.. it looks like new again.



next up a coat of Mad Cow Candy wax, you can apply by hand, but as i didn't want it all over me hands I used a micro fibre pad.

apply.. leave as long as you like them buff off with micro fibre cloths... finishing off a final buff up with a quick blast of detailing spray as you go, as this removes any last residue from the hand mad wax.



looks ace now




finished off with tyres... Mad Cow Skimpy Dress... is brilliant.. apply by a sponge.. tyres come up great.. lasts weeks.





any last bits of plastic trim (like roof spiler or round wing mirrows etc) I used Auto Finesse detail spray.. the one thats none silicone (the one i usually use on my matt black roof wrap)




one happy wife.. and me too.





job done.

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I used a fairly cheap cloth to see what it was all about before spending my pennies. Even the cheap one knocked spots off the time it takes to do a whole car. Can quite easily do it as part of a routine wash and still be finished in time for dinner.

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