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No longer avaliable* Cosworth Panel Filter for Impreza WRX Hatch


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I have a new Cosworth panel filter for a 2008+ Impreza WRX Hatchback for sale.


Looking for £30.00 inc delivery.


I will post pictures when i am home tonight if anyone is interested.





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Are these not like the Green/Pipercross/K&N which run for miles rather than need changing every service?

Reason I have two is I got one and misses brought me one so technically have one I don't yet need!

Anyway few pics if anyone needs one! I can always buy another in 10k time ha ha



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No they aren't reusable, the reusable ones are a foam type construction similar to mushroom filters and use a light machine oil to trap the particles, you can wash them out and then spray a light coat of oil back on them so they don't lose performance.


The cosworth filter is a similar construction to the stock yellow fibre type. They use a much finer weave than the stock ones and have a larger surface area to improve the filters performance. They get gummed up over time and can't be washed out, so you have to replace them as part of the normal service routine.


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Do they do an "oiled" version then for the WRX? I really dont want to go down the induction route....

I don't think cosworth do one but I know other people make them but I have heard their bad for the car due to the oil coming off over time.

Not sure though, I have also seen dino tests showing no difference changing the filter over stock but still might try one myself.


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