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Warranty Advice Needed (Non Car)


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I am after some advice really as Google hasjust confused me even more so....


I brought an LG television back in October 2013 and it has now started to become faulty. The optical and HDMI outputs are not working which is making viewing something almost impossible.


I have looked at the warranty given by Currys and LG are only 12 months (labour and parts) which would mean that I would have to pay for someone to come out and repair it. I have looked at The Sales of Goods Act and that only states that Goods must be of ‘Satisfactory quality, As Described, Fit for purpose And last a Reasonable length of Time’. Therefore if my television has only lasted 18 months and I paid £849 for it then surely it should have a long life ... more than 12 months and I should get it replaced/repaired at no extra cost.


I need advice on what to do as i am expecting LG/Currys to charge me!






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i would ring currys and see what they say, Then ring LG customer service see what they say 


18 months on a tv is nothing ! , I took a extended warrenty out on my LG lasted 4.5 years then went pop, richer sounds just arranged for it to be fixed

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Give Citizen's Advice a call, and get the full SP from them. Goods should be fit for purpose for up to 6 years from purchase, if fault is a manufacturing fault or similar. This can include the failure of a minor component, which renders the TV unusable. The manufacturer's warranty is only an added extra to your consumer rights.

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Update.... After a short email exchange with Currys, they have done the decent thing and they have agreed to collect the TV and assess at my cost £95 and if its found to be faulty (which i know it is) they will refund me my £95 and fix at no extra cost!


I am worried thought that this fault is the tip of the ice berg and i am wondering if i should buy a new one and use this in my office...

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