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EML not lighting up?


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Hi Guys


Anyway i can check why the EML apparently doesn't light up during startup? fuses, relay, easy to get at bulb (sigh))

i can't do anything too complicated...oh but the auto light levelling light does work..grrrrr :unsure:

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oh ok. 2006.. saw lots of bulbs but no space for the EML..

unless i split the dash cluster case? which I don't know if i should even attempt that..

I thought there would be a fuse to check but can't find one in the book..

ha ha

unless the EML is called something else...


who'd be a mechanic.. you need a computer science these days!!

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can't see a fuse causing that as it fed from ecu.

Is a bit odd & not a common one to come across, if all else functions normally & diagnostics working normally one would assume EML (CEL) light at fault.

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thanks again Mr B.. not sure if diagnostics are working.. as light is off? seems to run ok but not sure if its been turned off to hide something??

cruise light not on coming but then that doesn't work either...lolh! :P  (laughs out load hysterically!!)

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Hey guys... Think I've cocked up already... Doh..

I got one of those wifi dongle things obd2 Eml something or other...which works with iphone, and then I'd download an app, dash commander or something similar.

But now I think I've got the wrong thing as Subaru is SSM..?

Have I cocked up or will it work... Sorry

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If yours is newer than 99 you can use odb2 to read codes, some scanners also support ssm but it's not essential.

If you got the cable and pc ssm software you could do a lot more with it but for investagating & clearing codes what you have should be fine

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Cheers Stants..

A little knowledge is dangerous...

I Shudov got what was advised!!

Got the SSM downloaded to an old laptop, wonder if I can get the laptop to connect with the wifi dongle thingy adapter. Here's hoping. I'll have both then

Thank you for your reply

Sent from my iphone using Tapatalk

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