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Forester 2010 D - Clunk


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Hi there


Since I purchased the car (recently) there has been a clunk when I go over bumps on the road, now this is not the crash you get as you go down a pothole, but a definite clunk, as if a track rod end was failing or bush was going. It happens when either the nearside or offside wheels hit the bumps.


When I had the clutch\flywheel replaced at Bulldog they put the car on a ramp and on a stand that lets the wheels dangle and in both cases they could not fine the issue and said they could not replicate it when doing a test drive, they must have smooth roads on their test drive route.


So I just want to see if anyone thinks this is normal behaviour or should I look somewhere else for the issue?  The car is under 12 months warranty so I'd like to track the issue and get it fixed down before that runs out.






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When you say 'sloppy' what do you mean,Steering feel or vagueness or reluctance to turn ?

I'd rule out the strut nocking as they generally last a longer than that.

The droplinks hold the anti roll bar to the wishbone, not sure what type your 2010 model uses but the earlier ones use plastic links which wear and flex a bit and would cause an annoying dull clunk or knock

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When I say sloppy, there have been a couple of times in corners or round abouts where the car feels like it suddenly lurches, to which a re adjustment of the throttle and wheel are usually needed to get her back on track.



Shiny stuff, I like your droplinks. I am going to have to get under the car at the weekend and have a look and see if I can spot what is going on.

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I know what you mean, They have a really small rear anti roll bar from the factory which promotes understeer, does it feel like it's going ok then won't turn anymore without throttle applications ? Different links help plus a full alignment may benefit too.

Anyway I've documented most of the things I've done to her here if your interested in shiny bits lol


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Sounds very much like a drop link, your forester as metal ball joint type such as linked below.


What is front tyre wear like !

also check pressures as if low the forester handles awful.

If can't spot the cause of noise easily then it needs good looking at, should be easy find to be honest as don't sound anything too out the ordinary but best checked/concluded as safety issue. Would imagine what you feeling in roundabout is traction control response if not related to source of noise.

Not a big fan of foresters from 2005 onwards, changed to awful style front wishbone & the traction control & early diesel was rubbish, the SF & SG to 2004 are absolute superb though :-/

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