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help please


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Hey folks I bought my subaru at the weekend....... I put a full tank of bp ultimate in and had a good weekend..... I thought I'd top the beast up and chose the tescos best unleaded as I was told it's the best for impreza to run on but my check engine light has came on???? Has this happened to anyone before??? Any ideas what the problem is or is it a straight to the garage problem. The light is solid and only came on after this petrol. I have checked the petrol cap to male sure it's on tight and let it cool down and Re started but still there i also notice the headlight beam leveller light has went off

Any help welcomed

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Yeah that's what I used man I have a leaflet that says use 95 or 97 I think this may be the problem I have done 150 miles and topped up the fuel at the bp which is 97 then once I came out the tescos there the light came on..... It's weird I can only assume the petrol

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