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Kent SOC Monthly meet Saturday 2nd May 7:30pm


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After a fantastic first meet with the guys we've decided to stick with the first Saturday of each month and here we are coming up to the second Kent meet!


The pub hosts a full bar and restaurant that serves hot and cold food with a good reputation for a nice dinner. Plenty of seating so feel free to bring along the family. There is a children's play area just outside too.

Along with the rules the pub has given us I'd like to add a couple more.

1. Keep the car park tidy
2. Use the pubs facilities
3. No loud revving of engines inside the car park
4. No idiotic behaviour

I'm sure we all know the basics and I'm sure we will adhere to them. Remember we want to keep this meet going for a long time.

This month's meet is going to be held at 7:30pm as the evenings have been wonderful as of late. There are two convoys with one running from Medway tunnel and the other travelling from McDonald's in plumstead. Both convoys meet at bluewater where we usually split up and get lost in the car park. Once we finish playing cat and mouse, we all travel together to finish off at the pub.

I'm hoping to have another outstanding meet with a couple of new faces set to arrive and familiar faces reinforcing the ranks I'm sure I won't be disappointed.


The Wharf
Cotton Lake
Galleon Blvd


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If any one is in se18/Woolwich area and wants to go to the meet Im arranging a convoy meet at plumstead mcds next to bus garage just let myself or scoobyghost know. Our first meet was great so I'm definitely sure our next will be even better

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Any of u guys going to bhp lydden hill on the monday, if so pop along to our stand and say hi. We r right by the race track [emoji106][emoji106]

Send me a link to it or through me some info Karl. Sounds interesting and I'd love to pop down. [emoji5]
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Looking forward to seeing the pictures one hell of a meet :) I've had a look on the other forums I've posted it on for you guys nobodys asked anything. But never know might have some turn up out the blue :) be Legacy or foresters though at a guess 

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To all who came, what an amazing evening, as a new member I thoroughly enjoyed myself. One of the most friendly, mature meets I have attended in a long time, the pub food was good to.


I got about 81 pictures; a few I attach, but to view all my photos from the meet < Click Here >

They are in a Microsoft OneDrive Album (paid so shouldn't get bandwidth limits), pictures are high res so be patient as they may load slowly. Taken on a Sony Z1 at 20.1 megapixel.


















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