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Bit of a request....


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Hi guys


I am not a Subaru owner and don't know as much as you guys do about them but i know me and my wife love the Impreza WRX, we see them around quite a bit.


To get to the point... my wife is 50 on 3 June, and i was thinking what she would like, and something i would love for her to have is for someone to give her a 20 minute ride around in what she sees as a classic subaru, in blue with the gold wheels. So i was wondering if there was anyone out there who owns one and is in the Medway, Kent area who on or around 3rd June would be able to give her and myself a ride for 20 min or so, not breaking any laws, mad speeding etc, just for her to experience riding in one, the power and sound etc. I will of course offer to pay you for this, whatever you see fair, 20 quid maybe or a crate of beer, whatever you see as fair, i would just love for her to experience it. She does have mobility issues but i dont believe there would be any issues getting in to the front of a Subaru.


If anyone can help, please message me, i really think this will be so great for her.

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Guys i cannot tell you how much i appreciate this feedback, it is really encouraging!  I really appreciate the ideas, but I am really looking for her to just be taken for a quick spin, not asking for anything not road legal, just a spin, she has always wanted to  :-)  Are you suggesting a ride in one with some others in convoy?  Sorry, bit thick here :-)


Once again, thank you so much for responding!!

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Hi guys.  Once again thank you for responding!  It is coming up for a few weeks away now, and was wondering if possible to firm up some plans maybe?  It would be ideal for her to be taken for a quick spin so that is my main aim :-)  As mentioned before, she has mobility issues so would not be able to sit in back or in a more restrictive bucket seat so that would need to be taken in to account.  So is anyone able to come back to me with a definite and we can make more solid plans from there?  


Once again, you guys are awesome, i will be so so appreciative if this can be pulled off for her :-)

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