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Impreza wrx rad fans wont cut out ???


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Something's up with my 2004 impreza wrx after a 30 min or more drive the fan doesnt cut out anymore and the temp gauge on dash is reading slightly lower than normal, the only way to stop the fan is to turn the key completely off, iv just had a new cambelt, all new pullys and tensioner and water pump and thermostat and radiator fitted ?

Iv had it pluged in and no faults are showing up. Engine seems to run okay, no probs starting or idling.

Iv looked online and am thinking my engine coolant sensor is faulty, do you think those problems could be a engine coolant sensor ?

Please help, rather worried about it

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Iv noticed somthing else that happens, wen the fan is running after iv pulled up somwhere, the fan runs fast then cuts down to a lower speed and then it used to cut out after about 30-45 seconds. Maybe it could be just a switch the turns it off all together has gone ???

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The bloke that did all the work said it was all very clean for the age so dont thk corrosion is it, wires look gd aswel.

Yeah iv got air con but i always keep it off, apart from the air con belt he wouldnt have touched wires for the air con would he ?

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Rite iv got a coolant temp sensor coming and will try that.

Iv noticed somthing else odd thats happening, if i turn the heater fan on in the car it make the temp gauge on the dash read correctly again instead of a bit low, and when iv pulled up and am waiting for the fan to turn off which it doesnt, if the heater fan is on the coolant fan stays on full blast if i turn off heater fan the coolant fan goes to half speed and then still wont cut off.

Any ideas anyone ?

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