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SOC Show Plates


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Hi Guys,

So we have been having a chat about getting some show plates made up. These will be real number plates just printed with the SOC logo and info.

Its a good way to advertise the club and keep you reg out of photos when at events.

Using real plates will make them water proof and last, you can also drill them to be fitted the same way you fit your current plates.

We have 2 sizes UK Standard and 12x7 for people who want the JDM sized plate.

Cost will be £20 a set so you get front and back plates.

I can bring these to an event or arrange postage for the cost of shipping.

It takes about 2 weeks from ordering to get these out to people. 

This should give everyone an idea what they look like.




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I got loads made up last year and we used them at the show.

Sold out though :( 


worked out to about £10.50 a set from what I remember.


Glauson works for the company that made them for us, I dare say we can can organise some more but Im not in a postion to oder them and hang on to them untill they are all sold. So it may be a case of ordering direct as you all want them.


I'll dig out the relevant stuff when I get home.

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Right it's been confirmed I can get these at £20 a set from a mate who prints number plates. Get your names down and I will get the first lot ordered once we have 10 people.

Will bring these to NBO or can post them.


I make Films and Website for people

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Any chance of getting some import size ones mocked up ? I guess they'd be same as what you have on now Alex ?

Yes I have ordered a set myself you can see a photoshop mock up on the post but I should have a real set soon as well :-D.


I make Films and Website for people

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