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Greetings! (Especially old Legacy owners)


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I recently bought a W reg Legacy saloon with cloth interior (don't like to stick to leather) an auto gearbox (with varying hesitation in D) and 111000 on the clock. I'm already saving for the ATF and filter, then see if I need a gearbox change. It needs headlight adjustment, another bonnet (or me doing DIY on the paint, since lacquer is flacking off), an exhaust weld, a carpet and a deep clean. I've flushed the engine oil TWICE already :D! Was that a good call? Filled with 5w-30 fully synth castrol for £23.


Why the Legacy? Well, this is what I wanted. I wouldn't go for an Impreza, because I don't find it comfortable thanks to my height (for a 6'4" feels like the A post is way too close and can't stretch out) and also have a family to fit in. I may swap for the outback in the future, but I usually work my way through the cars bad bits first, then see if I fancy something else.


Good to be amongst you!



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Pictures are always highly encouraged! I'd always say a legacy is the best choice but then owning one, I would say that. 


I wouldn't be too bothered about putting money on you searching for a twin turbo one once you've finished with this one, rather than the outback ;) 

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First of all, thanks for the welcoming posts.


WideSam an Tlag, I'll find time for taking pictures. I'll also try my best on them, since my hobby is photography. I build photographic knowledge, just like I put cars back into shape.


I already do Gambit, thx!


tom_gr7 I think we'll never be able to outnumber impreza owners, but hey! We win on practicality :D

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