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2015 sti nexus 7 tablet install

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Hi I thought I post this up just put a nexus 7 tablet in the dash I love it works great bit harder then I first thought and a lot of head scratching but got it done

parts used

nexus 7 tablet £180

Stereo £50


So you will need to cut the fasica panel up a bit to get the tablet to sit right this is the hardest bit take you time get it wrong and could be an expensive mistake as car is till new so don't know any were but subaru you can get a replacement you will need to trim top and bottom bit from the back one of the clips to allow room for power cable and two tab at the bottom on the left and right I used a demel to do this the tablets not quite wide enough for the panel so I used some black draft exculder p shape to fill the small gap worked great i then made a box Stereo size used heavy duty velcro to mount the tablet to and used the factory clip to mount box i made to the car then I extended the Stereo wiring harness and bought extensions for the aerial long right angle mini usb and Jack cable so could put the Stereo in the boot so I can still make phone call and get radio or switch between sound to tablet from steering wheel works great then put a sub in the boot for a bit of bass :) I use an app called auto sleeper on the tablet so when you turn the car on it powers up the tablet and when you turn it off it put it to sleep great app happy with the way it turned out







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Ye defo better then just a Stereo no more missing football or any sport for that matter while out use an app called mobdro get every sports chanel going sky sports boxnation you name it its on there and its free:) movebox is good to

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Exactly mate sat and watched football in free wifi zone before lol. I have sites for that. Come on pacman lol. And I love not needing cds mp3 for the win [emoji106]

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Agreed that's the bit I'm still doing with mine facia had to chop it to bits and just doing the building up process now to get it looking right. Then I'll be starting on getting the pc looking good. [emoji28]

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I Must admit I did buy a different tablet first which would of required a lot more work so I changed it out for the nexus after a bit more home work which made my install a lot easier

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