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Is it easy to replace anti-rollbars?

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So me and my brother fitted my new centre pipe yesterday, neither of us are experts but we can manage little jobs that are simple bolt off/on jobs...


While we were under my car, noticed that my rear anti-roll bar was pretty corroded so was thinking about replacing it, is this an easy enough for me to do myself? Is it just a case of a few bolts?


Alos, what is the difference... looking on scoobyworld presents several variations in thickness and shape from the looks of it... Can anyone be so kind as to explain the different types and what would be best to go for?


This is what I'm looking at:  http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=39_274_322_345

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It's relatively easy bit quite fiddly and much easier with another pair of hands,hardest thing is getting it all back together as the car needs to be sat on its wheels when your tightening it all up. may as well upgrade the droplinks at the same time as the stock ones will probably flex loads with a bigger bar on,

I'd go for the 22mm rear bar from whitleine l, put this on a couple of months back and it's made the world of difference.

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try to get the same size for front and rear. if you fit a thicker bar on the rear [than front] you get more oversteer, if you fit thicker on the front [than rear] you get more understeer


do the droplinks too and maybe an anti lift kit while you are at it

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See if you can find someone who's done the rear and if your lucky somone who's done both ends, i'm 19mm front and 22mm rear which like dave says it's more oversteery but that's what I wanted as 99% of road cars are set up to be understeer biased, my front end wanted to carry straight on when pushing on,

She now turns in beautifully and if I'm in the mood I can provoke lift off oversteer

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yes the rear ones can be adjustable. the low setting on the 22mm bar is better than the std 19mm bar. the hard setting on the 22mm bar is similar to the low/middle setting on the 24mm bar

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