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Happy Sunday! (New R Sport Owner)

Oj 89

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Afternoon all! Had my R Sport a while now, but never found this place, weirdly. Got a (probably repeated) question regarding swapping out the EL headers with UEL's; namely: Does a straight swap from one to the other overly affect driveability/MPG/power output? I say overly because of course it's going to, but what effect would it have? And of course, is it a case of pulling one off a scrappy turbo or do I have to find an aftermarket one?


Ty all, and have an old pic of when she was a much lower mileage and much shinier.



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Hello & welcome to the club were all friendly so feel free to get stuck in, we have a member who's currently in the process of swapping to unequal length and has a thread up, I'll see if I can dig it up for you

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Fab stants, thank you. I'm sure fitting can't be that hard. It's a shame there's not a resource that has the measurements of the parts so one could compare and see if the parts are compatible.

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