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best undersealing?


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what would people recommend using to undersea my 14 year old forester? its not exactly pretty under there but id like to at least try and make it last a bit longer, used waste oil on my 20 year old l200 and its alright but have to keep on top of it, any recommendations? 

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I always use waxoil or dintriol

Find the hammerite underbody stuff in a pot goes on easier but takes longer, and generally lasts a bit longer than the spray. I use the rattle cans to get into areas I can't reach. I'm lucky mine was professionally done when it was 1st imported so I only have to top up every year or so





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What are the pro's and con's of treating the underside of the car?



My Impreza has just turned 10 years old. Would people recommend under-sealing to protect it from future issues??


It's a 2005 UK car, and has never been wax-oiled in the many years I have owned it. There are absolutely no signs of rust, and I'd like to keep it that way!

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Imports come with no underbody protection at all, UK cars have some applied before they leave the factory,

Pro's preserve the life of the car, drives out moisture and kills any little bits of rust before they take hold,

Cons, you need to clean the underside of the car before applying, so either pay somone to do it £500 plus for a full seam clean, dry, then application or the cheaper diy method of jacking up crwaling underneath with a wire brush and removing all the loose dirt and crap then apply new underseal.

I've used the waxoil spray kit which was a total night mare, loads of overspray on bits I didn't want covering ie manifold & exhaust and it's even messier than the stuff you brush on as it just keeps on coming out even when you've backed off the pressure

For the sake of 15-20 quid for a pot of underseal A spray can of underseal and a wire brush/paint brush maybe two hours i'd go diy.

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Thanks, very helpful.


It seems like a job worth doing. I can imagine its unpleasant - but it's got to be worth it, especially if I still have the car in another 10 years.


Will post before & after pics if I get it done this summer.

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