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Power Steering Pump & Electric Aerial GC8

Scrappy Doo

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I was told that v3 and v4 pumps are a direct swap for the v1/v2. I was told that v1/v2 are prone to leaking. Is this correct?


Assume all in good working order? would you send for £30 total?

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Pump is still on the v3 uk Shell which was my daily for 3yrs , so works fine fella but the last thing I posted ended up smashed to bits and post office wouldn't pay me any insurance money cos apparently car parts aren't insurable [emoji57]

I've heard that the early pumps are prone to leaking but the only leak I get on my v1 is a slight weap from the lid .

I'm unsure if you'd need the v3 onwards ps fluid cooling pipe (sits at the top of the rad) or whether the v1 /v2 "loop" pipe is long enough to reach the pipe on top of the v3 onwards set up (cos the pipe comes off the top at a different angle .

V3 onwards with the cooling pipe over the rad post-1399-143145311389_thumb.jpg

My v1 with the "loop" cooling pipe post-1399-143145301333_thumb.jpg

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i wonder if mine is only leaking from the cap? I havent rele investigated. Just saw it was a bit wet behind the pump so just jumped to looking at a replacement.

I will have to go have a look now! Lol

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