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what is 0 60mph

classic mica

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hello guys what do you think is the correct time for 0 60 mph for a classic subaru impreza with no mods. Ive done some research and am getting various times.

5.5 seconds

5.9 seconds

For an old car car the impreza does feel very aggressive when turbo comes in any thoughts.

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Why do you need to know as what you are debating is less than half a second? There are so many variables that come into this particualrly with and older car?


RCM's Gobstopper is a classic model - with one or two mods I must admit but its 0-60 times are ok. 


The late JGM's claasic is no slouch either but bottom line it depends on power to weight ratio and how well you can lay down the power.


Is this a pub conversation ;)

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