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Black soot out of exahust

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Hey guys


just concerned by some black soot that’s built up over 2 weeks, theres no black soot
when its on and when I am driving, I haven’t noticed any driving hard either.


Its got a recirculating dump valve, straight de cat exhaust, remapped all done by Scooby


Should I be concerned that my engine or turbo is about to go or is it normal to build
up over such short time ?






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He means the smoke out of your exhaust. You get white smoke on a cold start up which is normal, if it keeps coming out when the car is warmed up it's not so good. Also blue smoke is very bad as it means oil is being burnt.

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Blue smoke = oil burning

White smoke = water

Black smoke = fuel


unless your seeing lots of black smoke out of it i wouldn't worry to much, if in doubt just give clinic a bell and can always run it back to em to give once over.

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I guess you can have what ever you want,can you load different skins up and customise them ? If you can I'd have oil temp oil pressure,water temp and boost,

Those are the main ones to keep tabs on really

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Non of them come with a boost gauge as standard, there was a tick box on some sti option sheets from new but that's about it, really simple to fit one hardest part is getting the wiring through the firewall grommet

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Ok so i watched the smoke very carefully at 7am it was white lots of white smoke first start up i watched it for 5 minutes :










At the 6th minute it became clear with no smoke, soot, i drove it normal for 5 minutes, then very hard, no soot or anything smoke related


Looks like the black soot was indeed built up over all the hard driving

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