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Scoobs wanted


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Hi Guys


I'm after an impreza, budget is circa £4000 but go slightly over if needed.

Must be a turbo, classics okay okay if its a nice later one prefer bug/blob though


Thanks, Yodi

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Looks like a nice straight car too and only 10 miles down the road from me. I'd be cautious but a cat c or d if its planned to be a long keeper doesn't have massive implications as long as they are repaired properly imo, even better if you can find out what happened.

I don't know if its true but i was told even a relatively light front end knock can write these off due to the proximity of cam belt, expensive parts and labour costs which tend to lead to insurers writing them off.

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I've seen a scoob written off for mainly paint damage after someone had used brake fluid all over it and kicked a few doors with dints :( 

safe to say was bought back resprayed and repaired still on the road now to my knowledge :)

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Yep and I have owned a CAT C before but with no proof of why it was a CAT C, and a very similar price to a non categorised car it's simply not worth it, especially if you ever need to claim again and they pay much less because of the Cat C

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