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Few pics from today

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My local forum had arranged a photo shoot day with "matt woods photography" today so I snapped a couple whilst we were there .

Usdm bugeye and a couple of blob sti's


Blob wrx ,v3 v limited and my v1 sti


V3 gobstopper replica and a mk4 supra


Hatch (with a boot) lol


Mental vaxhaul malloo v8 pick up


Pics don't do the day or cars justice unfortunately my mates mk2 18t golf snapped a driveshaft so couldn't make it and I missed taking a pic of the 97 v8 mustang somehow

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I'm crap with trimming pics tbh I'll chuck some of the ones matt woods did when we get them as mine have more carpark than car lol.

I tried to take a pic of under the bonnet of the malloo but soon as that big block v8 started singing there was a few people in the way lol


The twin turbo supra sounded quite sweet too

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The left hook bug has a few grim speed and crower trick bits and the owner has taken it to every track he's been posted near, apparently it hit 160 on the autobahn and the ring .

Think its running a vf49 but no dyno printouts as it was road mapped

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