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Impreza GT98 - More Boost on first and second gear

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Im from Portugal, and own a Subaru Impreza GT from 98.


I recently assembled a IHI VF 43 turbo and a IC from a Sti 2001, and have all the origin parts from the model of 98.


This modification was very disappointing, because i would like to have more power on the first gear's, in stead of the 3000 rpm, as it is.


In that case, what can you sugest?? I only want more power on the first gear's...


Im sorry for my english, but I cant find any reliable information in Subaru Portuguese Forums, they simply dont reply, because of the competition...


Best regards...


Alberto Fernandes


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Hello & welcome, nice to see some more european members !

the best way would be to get a standalone ecu (apexi) or daughter board (esl) that enables the car to be remapped that way you'll be able to have more boost coming in at lower rpm more torque and more bhp [emoji51]

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First of all, thank you for your time, i´m proud to be a part of your club..


Can you tell me the price for those pieces?? Where can I find?? After that I would need a remap?? 


Here in Portugal, theres no one who do that... I think that is a friend of your, Mr. Rob.???? that does it in portugal...



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Look, I also a have ensemble a regulating pressure valve...


Sow in that case, what do you say to this...


Keep the TD04L turbo, (original) making a small modification to improve power, and equip with a exaust pan Prodrive, with a wastegate???


Sorry for all this questions, but in 1 hour, your forum already help me more, that a portuguese forum in three weeks..


tanks a lot

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Www.enduringsolutions.co.uk for the esl board, and eBay is your best bet for an apexi as they are an older product, around £600 for the ecu/board and map is a ball park figure. A td04 and remap will see you to around 270-280 bhp depending on fuel used,

With regards to mappers who travel I have no idea but you can email and see if they will come to you, may be worth seeing if you have any friends who require the mapping services, more chance of someone traveling and may get a discount

People to try are Duncan Graham (race dynamix)

Bob rawle or Andrew Carr

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