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Hi + Please help


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Hi all, 


Got my first WRX (2001) yesterday, thought I would broaden my knowledge of this epic car, 


I'm surprised how good the car is mechanically for its age, the only issue is that I have a judder when gearing down and setting off from a stand still! 



I have had a quick google and have found that it may be that the clutch is on the way out... but other places/people say its just the way these are? 



Also, I tried to contact my local dealership to find out about if there has been any recalls etc, only to find out that my VIN is not recognised by the systems?!?!?! dry.png  



Any help would be greatly appreciated, 




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Its not just when cold, its all the time unfortunately,


When I first pull off from a stop and when I gear down it judders, I dont think it has uprated clutch... 

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If they were falling apart yes if the were just worn maybe not, I put a new gearbox mount in at Christmas and it made everything nice and tight don't get half as much judder as I used to

My old one


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That lot was around a ton and if you want to do the the engine mounts they are the Same price for sti stuff


Sorry I'm really new to scoobies, So I could replace my WRX engine and gearbox bushing with the STI bushing? (is it better than the WRX ones?)

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Ok VIN issue sorted but still having the judder when pulling off in warm and cold, getting me down about the car now as I really struggle in stop start traffic to and from work each day (esp the parts where its uphill)   :(

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