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SG Forester headlight sprayers


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Hi Everyone 


Finally got my forester last weekend and am loving it. Im trying to solve some little niggles, one of them being the headlight washers.

I wash my car fairly often so i dont think they will ever get dirty enough to need the sprayers and id rather them gone.


Ive seen a few cars like the one attached that have blank plates where the washers go which im trying to track down, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. 


In the meantime does anyone know of an easy way to disable the sprayers, are they one there own fuse or am i going to have to cut the wires going to the switch because the amount of times ive cleaned the front only to get in the car and hit the button with my knee, spraying soapy screen wash all over the car :angry: its getting annoying. 


Thanks very much guys, im going through alot of the car this weekend so im sure ill be asking alot more questions and a few pics of the car might even wind up on here :)




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I have a SG9 with blanking plates on the bumper. EXCEPT they are not blanking plates but headlight washers which pop out and spray your lights only when they are illuminated and you use the screen washers.


They are also an MOT requirement for vehicles with HID lights.

Headlamp levelling and cleaning devices when fitted for HID or LED headlamps

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Just make some square covers with rounded corners out of alloy plate or plastic, spray them to match bumper & bond on with bit of pu40 adhesive sealer.

I would probably replace the washer button with a blanking cover but no real need if power cut from fuse box or appropriate point.

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