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Ebay Discs set worth it ? Mintex

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So originally i was going to go for a black diamond set from scooby world at £410 plus postage 



but then i saw these :



Much more affordable which means i can buy a HKS SSQV 4 with the left over change 


are they worth it and reliable ?


Also will they fit my 2.5 WRX 2006 hawkeye ?


Thanks in advanced 




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I put the Mintex kit on my X-type Jag , just standard discs not grooved etc .


I'd say they are ok performance wise but the discs do seem to be wearing pretty quickly.


I paid about £120 for full set , so these may be better quality as they look more performance orientated which is what you need for Scooby. 

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Thanks guys 

the company have offered me a direct swap with EBC Ultimax, for a small fee they can uprgade to red stuff 

waiting on the reply to know how much more for red stuff 

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Don't get red stuff unless your using it for track only!


you need so much heat in them to actually work , i dont rate anything by EBC really mostly over priced crap


Glad i read that :


I wanted the mintex but they were out of stock


The lady was actually quite helpful she told me the exact same thing, she told me to get the EBC Ultimax for my car as the others wear quicker and some are for track only.


She told me that customers complained that blue stuff and yellow wore just as quick as the standard pads so it was a waste of extra money.


In the end i got the 40 groved disc, a little bit of noise but increased stoping and sharper response  

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I had mintex pads and tarox grooved discs on a scirroco years ago, with braided hoses it was a massive improvement over standard. The issue was i couldnt afford to buy the mintex pads all the time so went back to ferodo which didnt wear as fast but they were not as good as the mintex pads. Its a good point about the track pads not getting up to temp on road. Wear rates are going to be a trade off against performance and obviously grooved discs will shaving the glaze.off which is good as you a more consistant performance but it does mean you go through pads faster

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What setup did you opt for? Looking for an upgrade to my WRX brakes and the same listing caught my eye too!


I went for the White stuff pads because they were the EBC equivant


then i also went for the 19 groved disc set, rather than the hole and wave set as it provided better breaking reaction due to actual deep grooves that let out the gas more efficently.


all the same price, i contacted them directly :)

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