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Cost of Service


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Hi All,


just had a couple of prices back for service on a 2010 2.5 cvt.

 the car is on 38000 miles but will be 4 years old next month, so prices are thus-

 48k 4year service £382.00


 smaller anal type £249.


had a price of well over £500, from the garage that sold the car new.


I'm thinking I should just service by mileage not by age, any thoughts?






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Mine goes in annually as a minimum, regardless of mileage covered - would put it in  more often if I covered more than 12k a year though

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do services on age, unless mileage is reached first


fluids deteriorate with age and need replacing to continue performing like they should and giving full protection.


my cam belt is 60k miles or 5 years. I've just had it done because its 10 years old. I only do 3k miles a year, should I swap it again in 5 years or will my new cam belt be ok for 20 years????

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