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Replacement Key Saga


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Hi Everyone,


New to the Club but a long standing Subaru owner with a few problems :(


I know that replacement keys for most Subaru's is an area of financial danger and fraught with many varied opinions as to who and where they can be obtained, but hopefully someone can direct me to a satisfactory conclusion.


My recent visit to a Subaru main dealer revealed that a replacement single button security key for my Mk4 Legacy 3.0r (see attached key photo) was not available and that they would have to order and convert a two button key of the same design to function as a single button unit. However, they then advised me that the cost would be £260 plus configuration!


As luck would have it, I have a key which has been reprogrammed to open the doors and operate the alarm which was from another car but of course does not fit the ignition. All I want to do is obtain a blank security key and have it cut but the local auto-locksmith and then transfer the innards from the working  spare key.


Sounds simple I thought . . . but I cannot get my hands on a single button security key blank anywhere. Can anyone advise a solution please?


Many thanks


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bad news is pretty much dealer is only option on the newer keys :( older keys are much easier, my type r doesnt even have a factory chip on it hence having a full cat 1 alram.


Thimpsons told me they can't do them and got same result from few different places, ended up biting the bullet in the end and going via subaru, i only paid £175 inc coding due to them doing an offer on an open day. But given what they are its pretty fookin cheeky

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I thought I had done the hard bit by getting the donor key innards coded and ready to transfer to a newly cut OEM single button key. Timpsons are a waste of time but my local locksmith can cut these security keys no problem.


Getting a blank . . .  well that's nigh on impossible - thanks Subaru for being fookin cheeky!

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I already have an old key coded for the central locking and alarm but until the gubbins is transferred to a single button security key blank (not a side cut key) then I won't know if the imobiliser works properly.


I will check with  www.importcarparts.co.uk to see if they can provide single button laser cut/security key.


Thanks all!

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Hi great forum, I have an Outback 2009


I have a spare key which works intermittently, Battery is fine, will occasionally open and start the car.


I wonder if the PCB is faulty, or the button?


How can I avoid the dealers to get a second reliable key?


Many thanks 

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Hello everybody


I need two spare keys for my 2003 SUBARU LEGACY. I simply do not know where to go to find such keys - I am not too concerned about the price. Anyone got any ideas ?

All responses gratefully received

Thank you


07802 475765

Midlands, but can travel 

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