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New member from Swindon


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Hi everybody!

My name is Irena and I'm from Swindon :)

Bought my first Impreza WRX ppp blobeye a few months ago, but didn't have time to introduce myself earlier, so sorry about that ;)

It's my first Subaru and I absolutely love it! I'm not a mechanic, but know a bit about cars and I'm willing to increase my knowledge about the troubleshooting and improving performance as well.

Already done my first major service (changed belts, fluids, filters, etc) when I bought it and thinking about replacing gearbox and clutch (as mechanic who's done that service noticed some signs of centre viscous differential leaking fluid into gear oil, bearings in gearbox centre diff noisy, clutch has high bite point and 1st gear synchro is a bit noisy). So for my peace of mind I'm going to replace it in the near future. :unsure:

Other plans are to replace wheels, lights, respray some body parts, etc. ;)

Well, I think that's it. Thanks for having me and I'm looking forward chatting with you guys/girls and maybe meeting in some club meetings as well ;)


P.S. plus a few pictures of my car :rolleyes:








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Wotcha and welcome Irena - tidy looking motor you have there - feel free to get stuck in with the rest of the forum, all friendly on here. Looks like you have an eye for a photo as well - great shots

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hiya and welcome to the forum


good choice with a black blob :)


I think you are better with a spanner than 90% of the blokes on here :wub:


one easy and cheap mod to do is 'detango' the headlights (split the lights and remove the orange bit) and fitting silver bulbs in the rear indicator (gets rid of the 'fried egg' look)

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uhh, sorry...it's been a while since I last visited this forum...was so busy at work... :blink:

thanks Jay762! I'm not a profesional, just like taking pictures :)

BoozyDave, I was thinking about doing something like this with my lights, they would look so much better than now! Another version-maybe change them to angel eyes? But when I saw this picture...it made my heart melt :wub: :D http://www.wrcmania.com/images/Immagini-forum/17/subaru-impreza-2005-red-wheels-cerchi-rossi.jpg

maybe it would be possible to do something similar with my car? ohh well, now the priority is to change gearbox. :)

by the way, had a coolant leek a few weeks ago, almost thought it gonna be the head gasket... but thanks god it was the radiator, so replaced it into new shiny full aluminium one :) but now need to fill it with an antifreeze and have no idea which one to use, cause filled it with water just to check if there are no other leaks...when had my service done garage filled it with purple antifreeze, but that's all i know..Could you suggest what kind of antifreeze I need to use? Thanks in advance! :)

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well if we're apologising I'm sorry I didn't get chance to welcome you to the forum before now ;)

Had the same issue with the Blobeye in the garage too Rad was leaking :(


I think Tim from Opie Oils had a guide somewhere I should maybe pin it But as he said best to use what the Subaru service manual says. But Subaru being great with the manuels doesn't give much info other than their own product  :lol: So I'd ring who ever did your service see what they had used might be happy to supply too cheap. 

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