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My Son Got Injured At School


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I posted this in a reply to a different thread yesterday, but thought I'd start a new thread with all the details -


on Tuesday my 11 year old was playing football at school dinner time, a lad thought it would be funny to try and break his leg. He went for a tackle, but 'missed' and hit hit my sons knee with his foot and put my son on the floor. He was in agony and couldn't stand up, 2 dinnerladies had to carry him into the school. My wife went to school for him and took him to our local hospital (2 mins away). They examined it and took an xray and put on a full length pot. They said she had to take him to Rotherham General Hospital for the orthodontist to examine him. I was at work 45 mins away and I had already had a call to say my van had been repaired and I had to collect it ASAP. So on my way home I had to swap my van and move my tools over. Then got home, carried my lad into the car and off through to hospital. Got there at 6.40 and they were supposed to be waiting for us....yeah, course they were :(

we finally got seen after 9pm, they said he had got to see a knee specialist next Thursday (knee surgeon is only there on a Thursday and no appointments this week), but it looks like he has torn his ACL and vertical tendon :( finally left the hospital at 11pm.


Well, 9.30 this morning the wife got a call from the hospital, the knee surgeon had had a quick look at his xray and read his notes and said to bring him through ASAP. I had to pack up my tools and leave work and go home. Got through to hospital and the knee specialist was great, she removed the pot and we were fast tracked for some more xrays, she gave him another through examination and had a look at the xrays. It doesn't look like any bones are broken  :) . She then fast tracked us to the department to have a leg brace fitted. she then saw us again and had organised an MRI scan, but the only time available was 7.30 tonight. then said she had spoken to a physio and got an appointment for tomorrow  :) . 

so we went back through for the scan tonight, but results won't be known until next Thursday. Finally got home at 9.30 tonight


very pleased with the way the knee specialist has helped us, can't believe all the stuff she has sorted out :)


He's missing his last week at juniors and will have the leg brace on for the whole 6 week holidays :(

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Mate that is horrendous - hopefully all will mend ok - there will always be that mentality of take out the opposition unfortunately re reinforced by some parents at kids sports :(

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I forgot to mention, I have been doing an electrical install in a welding plant, my exhaust has been rattling and I can see the bit that's the problem, it can be welded. so on Wednesday night I took my back box off and put it in the back of my van. so when we had to got to hospital on Thursday guess who had a noisy as f**k popping and banging car :lol:


He went to physio on Friday and they want to see him on Monday too. The swelling has gone down a bit and it's not as painful.


He's 11 and has to be on his bed all day, so watching TV and playing on the xbox, all his meals taken to him, I bet it's like a dream come true for him :lol:

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