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2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5 hatchback Engine knocking

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Hey guys


So i bought a 2007 Subaru impreza wrx 2.5 hatchback from an auction with no key. i got the key sorted and when i started it i heard a knocking from the engine and it was smokey. there was no misfiring from the engine just knocking. i have a feeling it is from the crank but not 100% sure. 


Has anyone had this issue before? Im wondering what is the best solution for this? change the engine or get it rebuilt? 


any suggestions?


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Hello sounds like the crank,

All depends on what you want to do/plans with the car & how much you initially paid weather it would be worth it or break it for spares,

2nd hand engine would be cheapest option but may go pop. Rebuild is best way then you'll be able to spec it how you want and will know what's what, but you won't see much change from 3-4k

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ideally i would like to keep the car but if its going to cost too much i may just end up selling it.

i have my dads garage where i can work on it but would prefer to have it done properly by a specialist.. if anyone knows someone near london mabye i can get a quote from them 

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2.5 is known for doing ringlands and headgasket.


when the hg goes it can damge the crank bearings, maybe previous owner had the HG done, didnt do the bearings and now the bearings have gone. need ot get it to a specialist to get it checked out, but does sound terminal.


rebuild cost will depend on how bad the damage is inside and what needs to be replace, 4k is a round figure guess.

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