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Tried the demo and was a bit meh about it. Given it was £50 for the game inc season pass i decide to wait till price dropped. 2 days later 50% off on steam hahaha so bought it and well, 15 hours down in 3 days :D


So, first impressions, the game world is massive, by massive i mean 30-40 mins to drive across. Hundreds of free roam events ranging from city, to motorway, to off road and full on raid trucks. Game play is pretty simple, go stop, left right and the go baby go button lol It's kinda arcade but not daft go into corners flat out and power slide round at full power.


Premise of the story is working for the FBI to take down a rogue agent. You buy different cars, apply different levels of upgrades and change cars class to suit, plus add mod's to improve the car's within class. You can change paint colour on the cars, different bumpers, spoilers an usual wheels.


Downside's to the game are it's size, unless your looking for a game that's alot of playing then its not idea. Personaly i don;t mind that, given what it is its to be expected.


Other issue i found is the game has a limited number of cars, not actualy sure how many there are but there lots that arn;t in there, no subaru, mitsubishi, no R35 GTR, no lotus, no jaguar etc etc etc


They may well be adding these in as DLC at a later date


All in all its good for a larf, given you can meet up with mates, run the story or free run stuff as a group adds a mix of mulitplayer and solo play makes it enjoyable and would recomend getting it when the price is right

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I found this game great I've completed the story and now doing the extra stuff........ But I completed the whole game in three cars .... 350z ...skyline and a truck was a little disappointed with that to be fair, needed more variety of cars to complete the game in my honest opinion 



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I'm currently thrashing round in Mclaren F1 in perf spec hehe, skyline in sports as well as a 2015 mustang, got a mclaren mp14-12c in race spec, escalade in raid spec.


You could do the whole thing in one car if you really wanted to, if you haev a season pass you start with about 20 cars already bought lol.



Bikes are due out in december, also saw rally spec mentioned but dunno if that was just a sugestion

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