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Forester 2.5 XTEN question


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Hi all,


Anyone know if there are any major differences between the pre-2006 and post model?  I'd love one of these cars and  have seen a 2005 (55-plate) at Farmers of Matlock, 80k on the clock for £5995. From the pics it looks good and I have an itch that this and a subtle remap may scratch...


'Trader also has an 09-plate with 50k on the clock for £10k - is it really £4k 'better' than the older one (would like a £4k bork fund...)


Any general feedback/ info on Fozzies would be most welcome.   SWMBO has 'okayed' one, so green light there. I know some will say get an Impreza wagon, or a Legacy Spec-B, etc, but it has taken *this* long to get the green light on anything with a hint of poke that I don't want to start down that path again.


What do I need to look out for - assuming I can find many for sale, that is?




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Headgasket on the 2.5's are a known weak point. Cheaper tax too apart from that I'm not sure as never looked into the sg &sh versions, 6k does sound a bit steep, is it a main dealer?

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was going to say the same - wouldn't want to pay more than 4k for a 55-er and it would need to be a good-un with FSH, belts recently changed etc

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fully agrie with david far to much money for a 55 plate im thinking of getting a fozz has a 2nd car will have it has a stand by if the outback ends up off the road I think the fozz for me is a good 2nd car can up grade it easyer then the outback plus use it for work if I need to, for a 02,,to 04 plate which wauld b the best engine to go for

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