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gearbox / transmission / differential knocking noise

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I've got a 2002 wrx sti prodrive..  I've just spent £1300 on my 6 speed box.. 595 Inc vat just on the diff.. 

It started about a month ago a lil knocking sound when at low speed and dropping revs.. then got a lot louder.. when I sent it to get repaired the problem was the diff as it had bits of mental hanging out from it..

2 weeks later.. as the box was out I dropped in a lightweight flywheel and new stage 2 clutch.. Over the moon as the car was ready 2 collect!!

So as I drove it out of the garage I could still hear the same light knocking sound!!

I'm kicking myself!! Why didn't I jus buy a 2nd hand box!!! Has any one else had this problem??

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The transmission guy came around the garage today and said it's not the box. As he has changed the centre diff in the gearbox and had a look at other parts and said it's all good..

He said its most likey the propshaft or rear diff.. and the noise is travelling to the gearbox.. becos it only makes noise wen slowing down/low speed (propshaft bends)

The transmission guy said he has never seen a centre diff jus go like this!!

2nd rear diff is £400 /prop is £160.. already spent way too much..

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