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What is this all about??


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Hi all, 


I have a strange issue with my WRX01 wagon, 


When setting off 'swiftly' (well, trying to), when I drop the clutch and throw it in first or second quickly when the clutch engages again it seems like its lacking power and kind of kangeroos a little (not slipping), 


feels like the judder is taking away the power... (if that makes any sense...??) 


Any ideas would be great as its a little embarrassing giving it a cheeky rev at the lights then planting it only to have everything wobble down the road ! haha




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Is it from cold or all the time ?

Could be one of many things but ad Clive advised me have a look atvthe clutch fluid in the slave and if it's haggard pull it and pop some fresh stuff in see how it goes, if it's noticable may be worth doing a full bleed,

Also could be down to worn engine mounts but yours is quite young so shouldn't be an issue, some good upgrades are group n pitch mount & gearbox mount & carrier bushes as the oem ones are a bit weak

Oe on lef, sti right


Oe gearbox mount & crossmember bushes


Sti/group n mount, less holes &stronger rubber


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Thanks for the detailed replies guys! 


Its like when there is too much tire grip when I engage the clutch it wobbles a bit and the power goes into wobbling rather than going forwards!


Would engine / gearbox bushes / mounts do this if its done 140k? and pretty sure they are original ones...  


And how would I know if its IACV mate? is it a case of cleaning it or would it need to be replaced?

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Ah right thanks, my idle seems fine I think, but I have recently checked for codes (couple of days ago) and there was nothing there, 


I'm thinking its more drive train related perhaps? 


Its going in for full decat tomorrow (not that it helps any but I'm excited haha) 

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Mine looked like this last week [emoji33]


Didn't do a full bleed yet but sucked out as much as I could and replaced with fresh then repeat the process weekly for a month if you can' be bothered doing a full bleed

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It's made so much difference in the way it engages the clutch and drives, I guess it had lost of of it's properties and the clutch was biting ever so slightly, made a horrible noise when driving too. For the cost of a turkey baster (50p) and 6 for some fluid it's well worth it

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Well, I found out what it was! 


I purchased a STI used anti rock engine thing for £7 from eBay, then took the intercooler off and noticed something wasn't right, 


The stock one WASN'T BOLTED AT ONE END!!! haha!! 


Amazing what a difference it made when I attached the STI one and actually bolted it together! haha! 


What cowboy would forget to attach it?? 

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