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My car is talking to me..

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Yesterday I was driving along just pulling up to a set of lights behind some traffic when an ear-piercingly loud phone rang (not mine) and an automated voice says "incoming call". A man is then on the other end and says hello, I say hello back but he can't hear me. About 4 months ago my girlfriend was sat in the car and told me she heard the same ringing and automated voice, I thought she was going mad  :lol:  


Luckily I had my dash camera on when this happened so I can share with you all.

Now, I do have a pioneer head unit with Bluetooth hand free but it isnt connected, it sounds nothing like this 'call' did, and I have no idea who the man was, I have the Blackvue dash cam obviously but I'm very sure I wasn't called through it. My only conclusion is that the car has a tracking device set up in it that must also have the ability to receive calls from the tracking company. The guy I bought the car from over a year ago did tell me that he got a Tracker installed in it, and I have the certificate and user guide, but it says nothing about them (RAC Trackstar) being able to call whoever is driving.


Is my car alive..? Here's the video, excuse my very confused voice  :lol:


Anyone recognise and can tell me what the system is? Thanks.



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Unless it's a traffic master system that's installed they ring up randomly I used to have it in my old van but it had a 2" screen installed on a bracket


check if you find a speaker around the steering column and there might be a switch also around that area. do you also find a small (Nokia) mic on the A pillar? altho that might be not there as the caller couldn't hear you.


my Forester had Traffic Master installed with indeed a 2" monochrome screen, sold it all on eBay

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