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Any recommendations for Fozzie remap in Leeds?


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Morning all,


Proud owner of a MY07 2.5 XTEN (first week, still grinning like a loon). :D


Man-logic reckons I can get a stage 1 remap and sell it to SWMBO on the basis that it will improve the fuel efficiency.


Can anyone recommend a shop in/ near Leeds that specialises in Subaru? 


Don't fancy trusting my new p&j to a mobile bruv for "tree-fiddy mate"



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Hello & welcome another foz in leeds whoop ! ☺ depends what software you want GR in Rotherham will do car berry open source, or there's scooby clinic in Chesterfield, dunc @ racedynamix will drawl to you and if your feeling like a trip Andy forrest in Scotland is one of the best. Also try Richard Henry motors ports in Bradford, they use bob rawle I think.

Most of them will advise you change the fuel pump to a stronger unit.

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Cheers Stants!


I'm based in LS28 and in 'old man' guise to keep under the radar - cherry-red with cream leather (!) - oh, apart from the pistonheads sticker on the rear bumper :huh::wacko:


I'll give you a wave if I see you on the road


Will get some pics up at some stage...

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I'm from pudsey spend my time between beeston and pudsey, i'm green and sliver

There's a 'local' ish meet on Monday night down in Sheffield if it tickles your fancy, I did try to get one going in leeds but it died on it's !Removed!

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