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'Check' screen, car won't start!


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Hi All,

In a slight panic and hoping one of you guys might be able to help.

Had my Impreza WRX (2009 Hatchback) less than a week and only joined up yesterday.

Today I was sat in it reading the manual and learning how the sat nav/audio screen works.

I decided to start the engine and it wouldn't, just got a clicking and dash lights flashing.

Tried again and the screen started flashing up 'check' in big letters.

I'm guessing it might be something to do with the immobiliser, tried rearming and disarming, both keys, but no luck.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, next question, I'm going to Halfords shortly to buy a new battery and I know the premium membership I bought yesterday gives me 15% off but I haven't had my welcome pack through yet. How does the discount work, is it a code, or do I just need to show them proof of membership?

Your'll receive a card in the post your'll need to take along to use to get the discount.

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^ I would pick up a Banner or Yausa brand from local motor factor as good batts, their stock cycle good so Battery fresh & well cared for & warranty is good & easy,

Only 2 brands I use as got fed up with other makes & too common short life span.

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