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missing bolts


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hi I have an oil leak coming from the rocker cover, but seems to be coming from the bolt holes right next to the spark plugs. does any one no what size these are and what the are there for, will post a pic of bolts



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The earlier wrx and sti models have separate coil packs that sit on top of each of the spark plugs and those are for the fixing bolts .


They're unused on the later uk and wrx based varients which have a single coil pack attached to the inlets


Make sure you get the correct version rocker cover gaskets for your scoob and replace the "half moons " at the back of the cams at the same time [emoji6]

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Easy enough to do once the cam covers are off bud .

they're made from rubber so they go hard and brittle and eventually weap , especially the one near the upipe due to the heat.

I bought a new full oe cam cover set from import car parts as they're about the cheapest for genuine oe gaskets .

I smeared a light bit of liquid three bond on all the seals but as long as the oe seals ain't squashed (bolts over tightened) and both surfaces are Uber clean with no deep scratches they shouldn't leak for another 50k + or until they go brittle again

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