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Impreza classic turbo timer.

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Hi there has any one got a link to show how to install a turbo timer on a classic Impreza. W reg. I have a used HKS unit. Was told it's a plug and play unit but it does have a earth wire and also a purple coloured wire for the hand brake. Cheers for any help.

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Do you have the correct harness for it to fit under the steering column? If so run the earth to an unpainted clean metal surface, there's loads of nuts under dash you can attach with a spade connector, the handbrake wire will need to be soldered to the handbrake cable which you'll find under the armrest

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Yea got it from a breakers yard in Huddersfield. They bring in cars from Japan and break them. He told me that was the harness for it. Also bought a STI intercooler and a complete air box set up. Even showed him the car too. [emoji19]

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