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yet another INTERIOR question!


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Yet again I'm searching for the perfect new interior found this one on eBay I'm aware the door cards wouldn't fit but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 2 front seats and the back bench will fit a classic impreza 94 import 




cheers , Brad

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The fronts will definitely just bolt in and your right about the door cards not fitting but I'm unsure about the rears .

Any jdm saloon front seats, rear bench and door cards from V1 92 to v3 97 (full preface interior ) will be a straight swap.

98 to 00 jdm front and rear seats will fit but I'm unsure about the door cards.

UK classic rear benches split so I'm not sure if they'll fit a jdm without modifications but the front seats are a straight swap.

I've retained the original 94 sti aclantra trimmed door cards fitted some hatch sti front seats and ra jdm rear bench (happy medium between door cards and front seats) .

Newage /hatch front seats will make you sit a bit higher than classic ones and they're not as "buckety"

I had to make some brackets to fix the inner rear mounting points for the hatch sti seats but bug /blob/hawk fronts bolt straight in


Have you thought about a full v3/v4 sti or v limited interior?

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