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De-catting and mapping

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Hey guys,


Couple of questions in regards to cats and mapping etc. At the mo, I have all 3 cats in place, haven't touched them... I'm not going to do go down the decat/sports cat route either. I do have a de-cat up pipe waiting to be fitted and I know the car will need to get remapped once it's fitted so that's sitting in my garage until i can afford to get the car mapped. 


1.) Can I replace the cat pipe with a decat pipe (keeping standard up-pipe and downpipe cats in place) without a remap?


2.) When i can eventually get the car mapped and decat the up-pipe, so potentially only have the standard down pipe cat... will that be enough to get me through emissions?


Ta :D

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The downpipe cat is said to be fine, the others help when cold

I'm having the scrubber cat removed soon and I've heard that it should be ok without remapping, I will let you know how I get on and if I get a cel etc

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I've not researched or had any experience with the 3 cats in newage as I've only ever owned early classics myself .

Early classics only have 1 cat in the downpipe and on my v3 uk I switched that for a cobra sports cat which passed emissions without a remap once hot .

I currently run a decat downpipe but my mapper has spent a good 24hrs+ mapping my current apexi ecu over the past 3yrs when I've had mods mapped in . He constantly tweeks the whole map (off boost and different throttle position's ) and doesn't just aim for pub power so it will just pass the emissions on idle anyways.

If you have a mapper in mind that your going to use maybe just shoot him a email or phone call to see what he suggests you fit prior to mapping for your target power and budget bud

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