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Engine lag?

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A jolt like a cut in power? Could be fuel cut. If low on fuel and exiting a corner you will get fuel cut. I've had it a few times. Even as high as just below half tank.

It happened on 1/4 tank, and still again on a full tank???

Like a fuel issue not getting in quick enough or lack of air????

No leaks that I can see?? Fuel filter????

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When I was mapped my boost would hit the limit in 4th and give me the cut. Duncan raised my limiter to avoid it.

Have you made any changes that could increase boost? Possibly sticky wastegate or actuator.

No nothing, only thing changed was a new clutch fitted last Friday but the whole mass system came out??

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Cheers guys,

Found the problem and I feel like a right banana now!! :D

Found a hose that has popped off and not connected!! Lol it was tucked under a bigger pipe so I couldn't see it quickly until I routed around more and spent time looking instead of crying!!!! Lol

All connected and running like a mean machine again :D

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