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New (old) Forester owner here - 2006 2.0 XE

Does anyone have or know where to download a UK owners manual for this model as previous owner(s) have lost/mislaid mine.

I can find a US spec one and have downloaded it but in many ways my car is different from US ones.

New to Subaru's, new to AWD. No idea how or when to use Hi/Lo. I will be using car to tow boat on braked trailer.

Mine also has a detachable keypad somewhere near my right knee.

What is this for? Presumably some kind of alarm but may be something else entirely.

Any help appreciated.

Lots of other q's too but this will do for starters.



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Thanks for this but sadly this is the US/Canada one that I have already downloaded.

The US models did not have Hi/Lo as standard on their 2.0 models and the manual rather inconveniently omits any reference to it at all! Nor does it mention the little keypad by my right knee either, which is something to do with the Thatcham alarm I expect.

Many thanks for the response though.


Blick 999

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Hello & welcome, your right about the keypad, it's to programme/manually over ride the key and do other features, i'm assuming you don't have the code ? It's normally in the manual (non existent)or with the spare key?

There are ways of resetting it without the pain of calling your subaru dealer,

They may be able to give you the code over the phone but usually charge for the privilege of talking to you !

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OK, thanks to both responders Gambit & Stants.

Of course you don't get anything useful when you buy a car second hand! Mine was full of air fresheners and new mats but sadly short of spare keys, key numbers, owners manuals any any other essential bits of kit. It did have the service book though!!


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You could try the 2008 model online manual:



As for alarm that does come with its own booklet.

Sigma M30 doc link below which has good info inc how reset 4 digit code with just a working remote.


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HI Blick999, welocome to the wonderful world of Subaru :-)


Mine's a 2009 2.5XT, but I've got the keypad fitted.

It's for the Sigma alarm, mine's an M30, but I imagine most of the functions are similar.

Have a look here



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Thanks to Muzzer for alarm manuals.

Mine is an M30 too.

Reading through it I think it would be easier to break into a bank than into a Subaru.

Conversely, I will give it to my 13 year old to read and they will figure it out in about 30 seconds.

Regards ;)

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